How to change the raw file name of your video YouTube

raw file name

So, how to change the raw file name of your video YouTube? Uuuhhh, you can’t! Nope, sorry. Out of luck! But hey, there’s an upside to all of this… you get to learn something today! Yay! Getting back to the issue at hand here, while you cannot change the raw file name on YouTube itself, […]

How to get free watchtime hours on your new YouTube video


Let me start off by saying that this ain’t clickbait. You really are able to gain a few hours of high retention views for nothing. Seeing as getting quality HR views or at least some good watch time on your channel is almost impossible these days, I have a little tactic that you can start […]

The real secret to ranking on YouTube…

The secret

I feel I wanted to share this little nugget of gold with you. So, what’s the secret to ranking well on YouTube?  Click Through Rate.  Yup, the more people you get to search for your video keyword and click through on it, the better your rankings will become. Really is that simple.  And if you […]